Thursday, March 6, 2014

February haul~~

Hello, girls ;)~~
This post is going to be my first haul post~~ soo excited doing this post! XD I’m quite happy because I can fulfill a few things in my wishlist but the list is keep increasing tho :’))

So, let’s start, shall we? ;D

This is all my haul~~ most of them are lip product! XD what can I say, I love lip products and a girl never had too much lipstick right? ;DD

Innisfree bija anti-trouble skin

I bought this because my current toner is running up and my skin is broke up a little bit. I think its because of a product that I testing now, so…. :’) and I read many of great reviews about this :3

It’s skin power 10 formula (PO effector)

I’m sure some of you already heard this serum, because of all the hype between bloggers and in the Korea this is one of top seller serum. Well, I already used this for 3 weeks now and I don’t see any improvement with my skin. On top of that, this is the product that I talked about earlier :( not sure yet, but I will give an update and full review about this serum

Etude house Silk scarf moist hair mist

I bought this because my hair is quite dry. I don’t know why exactly, I do dyed my hair but I also do treatment to my hair. After treatment, my hair will become soft and shiny but that effects only last for 2-3 days -_______- Haven’t try this yet but I hope this can help my hair dryness. And btw, this smells awesome!

The face shop lovely meex cushion blusher (coral)

I don’t have any natural everyday blusher until I bought this. Crazy, I know! XD the only blusher that I had before this, is a pink blusher that has big sparkles in it and the orange blusher that I reviewed here. Before, I use the pink one for everyday look and I realize it was too much for day look XD this coral blusher has natural coral color and gives me beautiful blush on my face :3 this blusher has sparkle in it but the sparkle is very small so it’s very tolerable and in fact gives me just enough healthy glow. ;)

It’s skin babyface petit blusher (lavender)

The same reason as I bought the TFS cushion blusher XD and I watched in ‘get it beauty‘ show in the baby face make-up episode and the MUA said that lavender color will gives you beautiful baby-like glow ;D I don’t know why I want a baby-like face but I just found this color is super cute! ;p

Laneige water sleeping pack_EX

The legendary sleeping pack! Super curious about this and I must to try it!! I bought this in sample size because the full price one is quite pricey. I don’t want to spend that much money to a product that I still not sure will work for me or not :p Still need to see more to give my opinion about this!

The face shop face it radiance dual concealer (NB17)

I bought this concealer because I still looking for the one that suits me best. My current concealer is quite okay but can cakey sometime. Besides that, this concealer won 1st place in ‘get it beauty’ blind test, so high expectation for this one! ;)

Aritaum wanna be cushion tint (mini & serene)

This is my second purchase for this tint! Full review here :DD

The face shop freshian big mascara (curling)

Got this for free from the dual concealer purchase! XD Haven’t tried it yet~~but the packaging is so professional looking!

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain (15 cherish devotion)

Very excited to get my hands on this stain!! XDD Many bloggers fell in love with this beautiful stain and now I know why! XD this tint smells like peppermint :) Full review coming up!! :D

Etude house rosy tint lips (#8 after blossom)

This is the third shade that I bought from this line (yes, this is that good! XD) Going to make review about this with all three shades that I had~~

7 pack Brushes

When I took photos for this brushes, I just realized that there’s a mac logo on this. ._. Don’t be fooled! This is only cheap brushes that I got to practice my makeup! Even though this is a cheap one, I quiet surprise by the quality and the softness of this brushes.

And, that’s it guys!!! XD Had so fun doing this post!~~ (Btw, i'm sorry for the poor quality of my photos :( my usual camera wasn't with me that time, so i had to use my smartphone to do all the photos :(( )
Which one should I review first? Comment below!! :DDD


  1. Lots of awesome products! I've tried a few of them myself and like them a lot!

    1. yeah! i really excited for my revlon balm stain! i really want try it!~~ ^^