Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: aritaum wannabe cushion tint

Hello, girls! ;) How are you??
I'm back with a review post! :D well, actually, i'm quite busy with all my assignments lately but i decided to have a little break and write this post -3-

So! I really excited to write a review about this beautiful and genius lip product!
Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint!

 Yes! a tint with a cushion! cute, isn't it? ><~~
At first, i only bought 1 shade and 1 lip concealer (having really hard time to pick that 1 shade! XD) and i absolutely fell in love with the colour, the formula, the concept, Just another holy grail for me!
This tint is a must-have for gradation lip look!

Different motives for each shade!!

The cushion~~

The packaging is the most unique packaging so far! The packaging is many kinds of motives and some of them had a little bit tribal feeling to them. It has 21 shades and each shade has different motive! How creative the packaging designer is!! Loveeee itt!!

The end of the cap had the same colour with its tint, so, you'll never get confused to get it from your make-up box (you know, in case you bought a lot of them! XD)

The only downside is the amount of this tint is so tiny! :(( I love them so much and i end up only wore them couple of times because i don't want to finish them up so soon :( this is such a shame since the price is quite expensive.

this is all of the tint

As i said before, this tint has a built-in cushion~~ the cushion is to help you make a gradation look
so, first you just swipe the tint on your lips and blend the colour to make gradation with the cushion~~ super-super easy! i can make a gradation lip look even when i'm in hurry! :D

This tint not only had unique packaging and gorgeous colours but it also had a really sweet scent! a candy scent. So sweet, even i always want to lick it :p

One of the plus sides of this tint is the amazing amount of shades!! from natural to bold, nude to dark, red to orange, i'm sure you'll find the shade you looking for! And all of the shades are soooo prettyyyy!! i had really difficult time to pick the shade! XD

mine is nikita, claire (lip concealer), serene, and mini :3

The pigmentation quite good. Both of the bold and natural colours have amazing pigmentation!!

The texture is super creamy and blendable. This tint not drying up my lips nor moisturizing it either. The only thing i don't like is when i want to apply it full on my lips, the tint is settle in my lip fine lines, leaving patches which is not good :\

Settle in fine lines :\ (this is 'Mini')

This tint have a matte finish :3


My bare lips

1. Serene, 2. Nikita, 3. Claire, 4. Mini

Claire (lip concealer)

I still in on my way to find a holy grail concealer for my lip (i love gradation lip look!) so far, i'm only using bb cream or regular concealer to conceal my lips but they're too drying! :( and i must say, this one is had everything i need to be my HG lip concealer. But the thing is, because it so tiny, i cann't use it everyday! :(


Nikita is a red colour with orange undertone. Just a beautiful colour! Nikita is my favourite amongst the three shades i had~~


Looking at the promotional pictures, i thought serene would be a softer version of nikita, but, turns out, it's a orange coral colour :\ It's a big difference
fortunately, i was looking for a nude shade so okay for me, but i'm quite disappointed of the big difference tho -___-


Mini is a beautiful electric pink! love it! use it full lips and you get bold almost-neon pink colour but apply it only at inner lips and you get super pretty pink!

Love :
+ Wide range of shades, and they're beautiful ;D
+ Super pigmented!!
+ Unique packaging
+ Not drying my lips!
+ Had cushion to create beautiful gradation lip look
+ Creamy texture
+ Super sweet scents~~ <3

Not Love :
- Settle to fine lines
- Tiny amount of tint ><
- Pricey (for that amount of tint!)

Despite of all the weaknesses, this tint still make me love them!! <3 This tint make me can make gradation lip in a minute! If you a newbie in make-up world, ulzzang, or just a fan of gradation lip like me, definitely give this tint a try! ^^

Repurchase? Of course! Curious with Jean and Sugar~~ ;)


  1. Great review! I think Nikita looks the best as well. They seem like decent tints~

    1. Thanks! yeah, the colour is super pretty ><~~

  2. Hi Tiffani, you have super pretty natural lips! my lips are so dark :(
    I love how they look on you^^ thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice post gorgeous! ;)
    Already followed u, mind to follow each other? Masih newbie bangett nih. hhi

    1. Thanks for reading my post! ^^

      sure, already visited and follow your blog ;)

      hahahaha, iya aku jg newbie bgt nih!><~~

  4. Thanks for sharing this.. btw, how much did you buy the lip concealer? And where did you get them? All of them look good on you ^^


    1. You're very welcome!! :D i got this for IDR100 from La belle house online shop :)

      Thank you! ^^

      visited your blog and i like your blog! you're pretty! :D let's follow each other ^^