Saturday, March 1, 2014

8 skincare myths: the truth revealed!!

Hello, what's up girls~~~

So, today i'm going to share something that i'm sure some of you guys already known. But! did you actually know the truth behind it?~ ;)
I'm going to revealed the truth behind skincare myths that have been going around pretty much our lives. 
I'm sure you ever heard,"i don't need sunscreen anymore since i had SPF in my foundie" or "I need to change my skincare products routinely". But, do they actually true? Stay tune for the shocking reveal!! ;DD
So, let's begin!

#1 You don't need sunscreen when it's cloudy 

You always need sunscreen!!! No matter what day, what year or what season it is, you NEED to apply sunscreen every single day! This is always something that every skin and beauty experts reminded us on and on, yet somebody out there still don't know the truth behind this myth. 
Sunlight has UVA and UVB rays. UVA contains 95% of ultraviolet and radiation that can reaches the earth's surface and can causing damage to our skin. UVA can pass through any clouds or glasses. UVA doesn't leave obvious effect like UVB does (like reddening or sunburn), UVA penetrate deep in our skin causing damage to our skin's DNA which lead to skin cancer or early aging.
So, remember girls, sunscreen will always be your best friend. ;) 

#2 Make-up with SPF in it can substitute my sunscreen

Ah~~ make-up with SPF in it, is like the best invention in make-up history. They're such a convenient and multipurpose product that just ah~mazing. But, honey, SPF in your make-up is just not enough to provide us quality protection. Adding SPF to a foundation can changes the consistency of the make-up, so make-up companies only using a little SPF. Unless you put an inch thick of foundie on your face, the SPF in it will never enough. So, always remember to put on sunscreen before your make-up or tinted moisturizer with SPF for more lightweight alternative.

#3 Pricey skincare products work best

It's just not the case. Many of drugstore brands are better than the high-end brands. I'm not saying you should suddenly become allergic of anything pricey, but that's not the way skincare works. There are many factors that actually affect whether a particular product work on you or not. Like your skin condition, your enviroment, the weather, climate in your country and so on. And, drugstore brand can had a better quality than high-end ones because of the strong competition. I personally prefer korean brands skincare since they are provide better quality for such low prices and so far they work wonder to my skin. There's no way to actually know whether a product works for you or not unless you actually try it! Just remember guys, pricier product doesn't guarantee a better result. 

#4 All-natural products always a safer option

There's actually no evidence that can prove natural products are more effective and safer for your skin. This is only something that people think that no chemical means better for you. Not all chemicals are harmful to our skin and not all-natural ingredients are safe. Robyn S. Gmyrek, MD, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology at ColumbiaDoctors Midtown, said that,"while naturally occuring ingredients aren't synthetically produced, they still can cause allergic reactions and be harmful." Also, natural products actually take more time to work, so if you want a quicker result, the chemical-based one may worth to try.

#5 You should change your skincare regularly since your skin gets used to it

This is so not true and funny at the same time! XD come on, we're not chameleon that can adapt to everything we touch. Spinaches don't stop being nutritious just because you eat them everyday. The reason that your skincare not as effective as you first used it just because your skin is already in better condition. If you want a boost for that special event, try using face masks or serum. Just keep maintaining your routine and your skin will thank you! 

#6 Oily and acne-prone skin shouldn't use moisturizer

Most of moisturisers these days had a lightweight formula, don't clog pores and cause acne. In fact, people with oily and acne-prone skin need to moisten up their skin since dry skin can cause excessive sebum produce that make your oily and acne even worse. Just find an oil-free moisturizer or gel and lotion type.

#7 If you had acne-prone skin, you should use products for acne

I know, it sounds weird, but read this first! If you had a bad case of acne (i mean, really bad!) than you should go for it. But, if you only had acne in couple of place and time, this might be make your acne worse. Products for acne is extremely drying, to heal up individual breakouts. This formula will over-dry your clean face area causing clogged pores and even worse acne. Go with your usual exfoliation, spot treatment, and moisturiser; your acne will heal up in no time!

#8 If your skin squeaky clean after you wash it, you doing it right

Wrong!! Nothing should be squeaky clean unless your window or your coffee table! If skin feels tight and squeaky after cleansing, this means your moisture and natural oil had been stripped during the process causing dry skin cell and breakouts. Find a gentle facial cleanser and not a soap!

OK, i think that's it, guys! Did you find the shocking truth? ;D I find quite a lot corrections to what i already believed about skincare products and quite shock about the truth behind it.

Remember, A flawless skin start from yourself! Never skip your skincare beauty and sunscreen and believe that beautiful crystal clear face is all about hardworking!

Good luck! ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've definitely heard the 'expensive products work the best' about a million times but i actually do sometimes enjoy using drugstore products over higher end makeup :) But i didn't know that natural products could be bad for the skin :O

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    1. Thank you for visiting, fifi! ^^
      Yeah! all-natural ingredients will harmful if you had allergic with the particular ingredient in it and slow result, but if you fine with this then no problem! ;))

      followed you too! XD

  2. Yes!!! All of these are SO TRUE! It's so frustrating to hear people say "my day cream has 15 SPF in it, is that enough?". Just found your blog, I like it a lot already! I look forward to reading more posts by you~

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! ><~~
      i'll do my best to write more nice posts! ^^

      actually, i read your blog a lot! your haul posts always made me drooling!! XDD

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  3. I find it so helpful. Along with my journey with skincare, I've learned some but so many people out there still don't know these facts.

    1. Glad my post can be useful! ><~~
      Thanks for visiting! :DD