Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: Etude house Dear my blooming lips talk

Hi, guys! :D~

It's been a really long time since my last post! Now, i'm back from my hiatus and ready to blog again! i'm also back with my new blog design~ ^^
i designed this blog my own, and it was quite hard and took some time since HTML and CSS was something totally new for me.

Okay! for my comeback post, i want to review a product that i'm sure almost all of you already known, It's Dear my Blooming Lips Talk by Etude House!

This lipstick so far the best that i can find and the colour range is outrageous!!

the amazing colour range!



Etude house always now how to capture their customer's heart with their super cute packaging!
I just love every packaging of their products!
The pinky colour and the heart also the carriage really give a princessy feel.

And did you know? The bow on the lipstick packaging, can be removed and used as a ring! 
Nice move, Etude!

I also in love with the heart-carriage that imprinted on the lipstick bullet! super cute!


 It has a fruity smell, but very subtle and kinda disappear once you put it on your lips


The finish is kinda matte but
moisturizing, and had a subtle shine
It's called Satin finish, if i'm not wrong :)

Lasting Power

The lasting power is 
just average. Last for about 4 hours, with eating, drinking and stuff



My bare lips

RD303 - Fantastic Red

A beautiful warm undertone red! It much orange in real. 
I'm sure this red will look gorgeous on people with yellow-tone skin!

PK012 - Tempting Pink

with clear gloss

FINALLY! A perfect radiant-orchid shade! I was looking for this colour-of-the-year since the beginning of 2014! Every radiant-orchid that i found either too purply or too grandma-like colour. When i saw this on the ad pic, no second thoughts, i ordered it! I was so happy to see the colour is like the ad!
Seriously, this colour really live up its name!

OR204 - Bashful Coral

This one has a really cute name :p It is a beautiful coral colour, very wearable for daily look, and currently my go-to lipstick.
It's MLBB shade and i think would be beautiful on any skin-tone!

PK006 - Disgraceful Pink

Sorry for the blurred pic T.T

This one has quite weird name, Disgraceful, really? hahaha
anyway, the colour really not like its name, it's a beautiful pinky colour
It's also wearable for natural and daily look!

+ Moisturizing
+ So many colours option
+ Vivid color - 2 swipes for all the swatches!
+ Affordable
+ Fruity scent, which is quite subtle
+ Super cute packaging!
+ The lasting power is reasonable

- Quite little amount of product, the bullet pic on the swatch is the whole product

Overall, i love this lips talk! So far, most moisturizing lipstick i ever found!

Repurchase? Of course! Wanna collect 'em all! ;p

Using OR204

Using PK012

See, why i love the so much now? ;))
So, did you had tried this products? What your favourite shade?

Comment below! ;)


  1. I love this product too! <3
    RD 303 is very gorgeous *-*

    1. Yeah! they're amazing! ^^

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Look like cheon song yiii ^^
    I always love moisturizing lip product ,will try this soon
    Nice review and I have followed you back

    1. hahaha, thanks! ^^

      thanks for stopping by! ^^

  3. Dear Tiff!!!

    First: WHoaaaaaa Fotonya bagus banget loh! All are well-taken and I highly appreciate XD desain blog mu juga bagus. Entah kenapa aku sering banget iri sama desain blog orang XD hahaha. Even watermark mu pun bagus ^_^

    Second: Aku setuju!! kayanya emang deskripsiin hasil lipstick ini dgn kata "Satin" finish, kayaknya sih ya kmrn baru research2 maklum masih novice banget :p

    Third: Warnanya cakep2 bangeeettt,dan pas kamu pake juga bagus bangeett, itu yang PK012 woww bgt! dan aku juga udah ada beli kemarin warna RD something tapi belum pernah dipakai XD aku mau coba review juga deh nanti udah masuk yo-do-list XD

    Forth: Makasih udah mampir ke blog aku.. Aku udah follow kamuuu~~ tapi aku belum liat kamu di followers aku XD eheheh :p

    Fifth: Keep in touch yah, kita! Thank you!!

    Sherry ( )

    1. Oh my, thank you so much Sherry!! ^^
      that's so nice of you! ^^

      ikutin aja apa yg kamu suka, aku suka floral pattern and pastel color, jd aku bkin begini, thanks for your appreciation! :DD

      Iya, emank cakep bgt warna2nya! fell in love with this lipstick!!

      Btw, i checked to your blog, dan emank belum me-follow, mungkin td ada error? ._. tp udah ku-follow lagi kok! ^^

      Sure! salam kenal ya! ;))

  4. I love the coral shade that you got! Etude's packaging is always cute ya :)


    1. Yeah! the coral shade is really pretty! :))

      bener bgt! packaging etude selalu bikin mupengg :''DD

  5. Nice review XD, love the PK012 shade, waaa jd pngen beli jg >3<

    1. hahaha, ayo beli2~ :DD

      thanks for visiting!^^

  6. hehe aq jg ada bli satu tp lum smpet di review... warnanya emang cakep2 smua... jd pngen bli smua tp bs kantong bolong... lol... nice review & followed you back btw... ^^

    1. Iya bener bgt! hahahaha, pgn semua tpi.. *liat dompet* hahaha

      thx for stopping by! :D

  7. Cakep yaaa lipsticknya.

    I have following this blog :)

    1. emang cakep2 warnanya ^^

      Thx for stopping by! ^^

  8. PK012 is a wonderful pink-purple shade ya~ Already have gotten it if it wasn't for my current shopping ban, lol. Lovely review! ^_^

    1. Yes, indeed! the pk012 is my fav from them all! <3

      Thanks for visiting! ^^

  9. Hi ini lipstiknya tahan lama ga ya kl setelah makan atau minum. Krn minum kan gak mungkin aku tinggalin. Sejam aja pasti aku minum berapa kali.
    Btw kok aku sering liat di batang lipstiknya ada yg gada motif bunga2nya kayak punya kamu, tapi nama lipstiknya sama yg blooming talk juga tuh... Ini kamu beli berapa harganya dan dimana?

  10. kak dear my blooming sama dear my wish bagus mana ya