Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf freshlight in sweet apricot

Hello girls ^^/~~~
I'm back with a review post! Today i'll be reviewing my current favorite hair dye, Schwarzkopf Freshlight! :3

This is actually a late post because i already dyed my hair last month. I just have time to review them now (sorry! ><'')
i've been quite busy lately because of my assignments T-T

Well, let's just begin, shall we? ^^

I got mine in Sweet Apricot, because i want a chocolate with orange undertone colour :)

the side view 

top view

 on the back of the box, there's a colour chart so you can see what the colour will be

This is the instruction in bahasa. (i'm sorry the photo is rotated T_T)

This is what in the box:
1. The colouring 
2. Developer
3. Aftercolour treatment
and a nozzle, instruction, and glove

The instruction is in english and thailand language, so don't worry ^^

the close up of the nozzle

I really like the packaging! That doll is really cute and i like the fact that the packaging using dolls instead of regular women. It's cuter this way~ >< and i must admit, i'm tried this because that cute little doll got me! ;DD

The colour chart on the back is really helpful! If you don't understand, the colour chart give you idea of how the colour is gonna be on your hair. From the top is for dark hair, middle one is for quite light hair and the last one is for light hair.

How to use
This hair dye is easy to use! :D all you need to do is mix 1 and 2 together, shake well, and they're ready to use! Spread that mixture all over your hair. And here's come the downside, the amount of the hair dye is really little! it barely cover all of my hair T_T (and, my hair is not that long!) so, if you have medium to long hair, i suggest you to take 2 of them for once application. :)

After you cover your hair with the hair dye, let it sit for 30 minutes. DON'T pass more than 30 minutes!! Hair dyes in general have harsh chemicals in it and the last thing we want is having chemical reaction on our scalp!

Rinse and use your regular shampoo and use the aftercolour treatment (number 3) as a conditioner.
I really like the treatment! Really soothing my hair after harsh colouring chemicals and made my hair really soft! ~~ i'm quite sceptical about this at first because i've tried a hair dye from L'oreal before and that conditioner has no effect whatsoever to my hair -____- (and L'oreal's hair dye made my hair really coarse!! :((( )
 Let it dry naturally, because i'm afraid the heat of a hairdryer may damage your hair especially after colouring process. And, voila! new hair! ;DD

The scent has a really strong chemical scent in it! :( i don't know what chemical it is, but you really can smell it. Fortunately, i'm not sensitive to scents so i can try to bear with it. But, for you who does, i don't think you can stand this smell :((

Love all the colour from this series! they're really beautiful and had many shades! But, in Indonesia, the colours are not complete and only a couple of them :( But, still cute tho! :p

Here are pictures of my 'before' hair :D (excuse for my messy hair! XD)

I do dyed them with the same colour once, but you can see the colour already dull and all of my roots showing off

the back side


My roots~

And, here's 'after' pictures~~ (again, excuse my messy hair! XD)

Back side

Yeayy, no more awkward roots~~

In the conclusion, i really the way this hair dye works! This is my go-to hair dye, whenever i want to colour my hair!
 I was using the L'oreal one before and i hate it. Made my hair coarse, the colour pay-off wasn't that good and for awhile i really stay clear from any hair dye, but i decided to give this one a try and i'm not regret that decision one bit! XDD

Definitely check this one out!

Love :
+ Cute packaging!!
+ That colour chart! Really helpful ^^
+ Great colour and i really like the colour came out exactly like in the colour chart :D
+ So many shades to choose (but not in Indonesia :( )
+ The after colour treatment works really well!!
+ Easy to use

Not love :
- Strong chemical scent
- Super little amount, barely cover my medium-length hair :(

And that's it! XD i know, may be some of you never dyed your hair before or just not found your HG colouring yet, finding the one for you is quite hard. Well, i say, definitely give this one a try! ;)
Especially, for people that afraid that your hair will become coarse after colouring them

Repurchase? Of course, for next, may be i'll try the champagne pink!~~

Good luck and have fun! XOXO :3

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