Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giveaway post!!

Hello girls~~ sorry i'm not posting as much as before... T3T

By the way, any way, any how~~~ i'm going to tell you girls about awesome giveaways that i'm joining right now~ (you'll know why i said this is 'awesome'!) This will be my first giveaway from blogging :3 (so, fingers crossed!!)

1. Lala's wonderland give away

First will be a giveaway from lala's wonderland blog. The owner, +Ade Kumala Putri aka. Lala have her birthday coming up so she made this giveaway, to celebrate her birthday~ ^^ *Happy birthday lala!!~~*

By the way, you guys should check her blog! Her blog mostly about korean beauty but there are also some other brands and she also like to cook, so you guys can found some korean food's recipe in her blog! I do tried some of her recipe and it was a hit!! :D

The giveaway prize will be etude's magic any cushion!!~~ This is etude's new base makeup, etude's base make up never disappointed me before i really want to try it!! This magic any cushion basically is etude's choux cream base transformed into any cushion form, amazing~~ I really want to try the mint one!! ^^

Once again, happy birthday Lala, and pick me!!~~ XDD

2. Jennyfer michiyo give away

This give away from jennyfer michiyo blog is really made me excited!!! +Jennyfer Michiyo held this give away to celebrate her blog that already had 105 followers! (congrats jennyfer! XD I hope i'll have more followers like her! :DD)

Her blog also had nice posts! she had nice tutorials and food reviews~~ definitely check her blog when you go blog walking~ :3

Anddddd, here comes the awesome part~~~ Her give away prizes are....... *drumroll* Pasjel yellow and purple from Pasjel Indonesia, Kiss skincare from Kiss Indonesia, anddd Urban Decay naked palette 3 from Jennyfer!!!!

A Freaking Naked palette!!!! kyaaaaa~~~ XDDD Seriously guys, when i saw the Naked palette is in the prize list i literally freaked out and i'm not a type a girl who go 'kyaa! kyaa!' (that's how much i want this!!)

I'd like to win the Naked palette 3, because i don't have a decent eyeshadow palette (seriously T__T)
My first and only eyeshadow palette is etude's sweet recipe chocolate eyes. Well, because of my super tiny eyes i really scared when it comes to eye makeup. This neutral-matte shades from etude's chocolate eyes look great for me (especially for a beginner) and after quite awhile i experiment in make up, i know that i need a good palette to start practicing eye make up. This Naked palette from UD is always on top of my wish list! i always want this since they first came out and now, they're already launched the 3rd Naked but still i never got one T____T The price is wayyyyy to much from my budget so... T3T
so, winning this will be like dream come true for me!!

so, that's it girls~~ I really hope i could win this particular give away!! Wish me luck!! :D

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