Tuesday, March 11, 2014

35 beauty tricks that a girl should know!

Hi, guys~~ I'm back with a tips post~~
Today's post is about beauty tricks!! I tried to find tricks that not mainstream!
This will be quite a long post, so grab your snack, sit back, and enjoy! ;DD

1. Long lasting blush

Tired of blush that melts down by midday? Try layering different formulas of blush! Use cream blush over your foundation and lightly dust powder blush over it. And enjoy your glowing look that lasts all day! ;)

2. Customize your own mascara

I know how hard it can be to get a perfect mascara! Mascara is totally our frenemies. So, to get that perfect mascara that you need, layer your mascara with 2 different functions of mascara instead of 1. For example, if you want a volumizing and curling mascara, but never found mascara that has that 2 functions, use volumizing mascara and layer with another mascara that had curling formula. Enjoy the benefits of both mascara!

3. Smudge that eyeline!!

Lining your eyes is kinda tricky. Lining your eyes with thick black liner can make you look older than you actually are. (and make you look like rockstar wanna-be or gothic girl! XD) so, try lining close your lash line and smudge the line for more subtle and natural look. Or, for a school appropriate look, use brown eyeliner.

4. Prime your lid

This extra step can change your life! (seriously!) Retouching eyeliner or eyeshadow can be troublesome and take times. Primer can make your eye makeup stays all day and make the colour more bright.

5. Blot your foundation

Cream and liquid foundation tends to had a lot of excess oil and make you look put too much make up than you actually are. After you put on your foundation, wait a few minutes and blot your face with a facial tissue. This step will remove the excess oil and liquid, make your foundation last longer and no more greasy make up!!

6. Use eye cream

Prep your eye area with eye cream can make your concealer apply smoother. This eye cream will makes your eye moisturized and prevent your concealer from creasing. Wait the eye cream to sink in before you put your usual make up. (this step really do wonder for me!)

7. Triangle on your face

Instead of traditional way of using concealer (half moon shape on your dark circles), try to put it on with triangle shape under your eyes! Blend it up to your lower lash line, inner corner of your eyes, and the triangle shape. This way, you conceal your dark circles, brighten your eyes, and highlighting your cheeks area in one step!

8. Reduce puffy eyes

Use raw, peeled potato, cutted in half and put it over your eyes for 10 minutes. The potato will cooling down your eyes and decreasing the puffiness. Cucumber will works as well!

9. Reduce cellulites

Notice cellulites start building up? Try using coffee grounds as body scrub! the caffeine will stimulate the skin cells and get rid of your dead skin.

10. Mayo for your hair

Did you know mayonnaise not only delicious to eat but also nutritious for your hair? Mask your hair with mayo for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water, and enjoy your healthy, smooth, conditioned hair! Just remember not to lick it while it stays on your hair! :p

11. The nightmare of glitter polish

Glitter nail polishes....so pretty but annoying when it comes to kick them off your nails!! Try soaking cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nails, and wrap them with tin foils. Let them sit for 5 minutes and the polish will be gone with no traces!! Or even better, use peel-off base!

12. Rush that mani!

Tired of manicure that lasts for 1 minute? (oh, you know what i'm talking about! :p) Dip your nails in cold water after you paint them, wait for 3 minutes and your manicure will came out dry!!

13. Eye cream for cuticles

Got annoying cuticles but your favourite hand cream just ran out? use eye cream instead, this will work as amazing!

14. Blush naturally

Allow 2 fingers from your nose tip to your apple cheeks to start your blush. Blend it out to your temples for natural blush.

15. Balance your sparkles

If you going to rock out shimmering eye look, balance it out with matte lips. Not only it will brings balance to your look, this will also brings attention to your eyes, make them look brighter.

16. Sparks that lips!

Use shimmering lipgloss to the center of your lips instead of regular clear lipgloss. This will catch light to your lips, making them look pouty and kissable!

17. (fake) Crystal clear skin

Notice a pimple before your big day? Apply tea tree oil as soon you spot it and also before you makeup and use cleanser with salycilic acid.

18. Choosing red lipstick

Red lipstick is a gorgeous classic shade that never wears-off. Choosing a shade that matches your skin undertone. If you have warm undertone, find a shade with orange undertones. If you have cool undertones, a red shades with blue undertones will be amazing. 

19. Wear that red (lipstick)

If you afraid of that strong colour, Put it on and blot it off with facial tissue. This way, the red will appear more subtle and leave just a right amount of stain on your lips. Or try put it on your inner lips, the red will appear as soft rosy look and add dimension to your lips.

20. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating is a must for clearer skin. Just limit yourself to 2-3 times a week. For those with dry skin, i suggest to exfoliate once a week with a peeling gel.

21. SPF for lips

Find a chapstick or lipbalm that contain SPF. Sun rays also can burn your lips, make them lose its natural rosiness and turn them to black or darker.

22. Benefits of red lipstick

A right red lipstick will makes your complexion appears brighter, and light up your eyes, hair and your skin. As the wrong one, will makes you look like a old people.

23. Splurge your favourite item

Splurge on an item that important to you. If you love lip products, buy that YSL or Mac lipsticks that you desire. But remember to save on other beauty items.

24. Stop the smudge

If you tired of smudging pencil eyeliner and makes you look like a panda, apply matching shade of eyeshadow over your eyeliner. the eyeshadow will set the creaminess of your pencil eyeliner and prevent it from smudging.

25. Remove make up with lotion

Ran out your make up remover but didn't have time to buy a new one? Use your regular lotion instead! Not only it works wonder for waterproof mascara, you also removing your make up and moisturize in one simple step!

26. Customize your shade

Instead of buy all the lipstick's shades that exist on earth, try to customize one for yourself! try to mix your existing lipstick and you'll be surprise of how much shades that you can combine!

27. Nudy lips

Nude lips is beautiful and rock any make up look. Don't need to buy new lipstick just for this look! simply put foundation over your lips and finish it off with clear lipgloss. You'll have a beautiful natural shade of nude with money stays in your pocket.

28. Lip gloss on your cheeks

Use lipgloss as blusher can make your cheeks look natural and moisturized. Tinted lipbalm will works as well.

29. Lip gloss on your eyes

Finish your eye make up with clear lipgloss. This will makes your eyes looks moist and enchance the colours of your eyeshadow. Plus, this will draw attention to your eyes, make them look brighter.

30. Apply concealer after your foundation

I know, we're told that concealer should be under your foundation. But putting it on after your foundation will gives you more coverage and no more too much concealer! This way, you can save your favorite concealer and get the best of it. Remember to set it up with powder to prevent them from sliding off.

31. Photo-friendly make up

NEVER ever put a SPF product on your face if you're in photoshot (well, unless your photoshot is for halloween) SPF products will leave a white cast on your face, makes you look like someone just throw an ounce of powder to your face.

32. Photo-friendly make up II

Dimension is important when it comes to photo. Foundation can makes your face look flat. Highlighting not only will brings glow to your face but also will add dimension. Use a powder highlighter for photoshoot. Liquid highlighter will be too moist and makes your face look greasy in your photos.

33. Highlight!

Highlighting your inner corner of your eyes can make them look brighter. Use shimmering eyeshadow or tear liner. But if sparkling eyes look too much for everyday look, try to highlight them with concealer, this will create more natural highlight.

34. Before D-day

Never tweeze, shave or cut your hair a day before the D-day!! If something go wrong, you'll end up regretting it for the rest of your life! (OK, may be not for entire life, but you'll regret it anyway :p) If you want a new look for that big day, do that 3 weeks before will give you time to adjust it and fix it if something happen. 

35. SMILE!

Remember an ultimate beauty trick a girl can pull-off is smile!!
Phewww~ that's quite a lot, huh?? So, did you found a trick for your beauty problems? ;D Tell me your ultimate beauty trick in the comment!! 
Good luck and have fun! XOXO :3


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