Monday, March 24, 2014

Beauty blogger tag: 7 deadly sins of beauty

Hello girls~ ^^

So, i was blog walking the other day, (well, actually almost everyday XD) and i saw this tag from silver treasure blog and i thought it would be fun to do this tag! :D
This will be my first tag! *excited!*

Well, i'm quite sure that you all know what 7 deadly sins, right? 7 deadly sins basically is sins in human that can make whoever had this fallen into sins. Okay, it's a little bit hard to explain, so if you want to know more, here :D

Ok, let's begin! ^^

1. GREED: What is your inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

My inexpensive beauty item would be Shinzui body lotion in Kirei. This body lotion is amazing! i was a bit skeptical with this lotion at first (but i tried it anyway because this smells like heaven! XD) and first week using this my skin already became moisturised, soft, and more bright! and it costs about $1 for 210 ml :3

My most expensive one is my ROC face sunblock soleil protexion SPF50. It costs about $35 for 50 ml. I think this sunblock really do what it promises! :3 it non-greasy, moisturizing, and water-resistant. I was using this when i went to Tidung island and my face really protected and not burned one bit! So, no regrets with this! :3

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What products has been the hardest to get?

My love/hate product goes to mascaras. (any brand, any kind, any formula, any of them!) Well, i love mascara,my lashes definitely need them... But the thing is, everytime i remove them with remover my lashes will always removed with them! (not all my lashes, of course! XD but enough to made me scared!) and i would never use a non-water proof mascara, because i'll end up looking like a panda at the end of the day.

Hardest to get, i think, 3CE lip lacquer in pink boom. It's really hard to find an online shop that sells 3CE products in really reasonable price! and when i do find one, they're out of stock (they do PO only for selected items) or the price was too crazy, and sometimes they don't had this shade. so.... :'')

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?

I don't really think 'delicious' here literally means delicious o.0 
Well, i do have products that smells delicious tho, it would be my sweet recipe chocolate eyes from etude and peach hand cream from tony moly. 
The chocolate eyes palette is super cute!! the packaging looks like baking tray with chocolates in it and the eyeshadows really smell like chocolate!! love!
The peach hand cream also super cute!! i mean look at the packaging!! and it smells freaking sweet like i want to lick them off the tube! XD

4. SLOTH: What beauty products do you neglect due to laziness?

It would be my hand cream and body lotion XD I love them so much but i just too lazy to put them every single time! i only put them when i notice some cracks .___. I must to start put them routinely.....

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

My lip tints and my eyeliners!! Because of my tiny eyes, eyeliner is just my life-safer!! and lip tints also give me confidence, because, simply, i love them! i put a shade that suits my mood and occasion, and i just feel lifted up right away!

6. LUST: What products do you lust after?

Urban Decay Naked Palette!! I lust for all the three...

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

UD Naked Palette!!! and a good brush set :D

And, That's it guys!! ^^ it really fun! Because of this tag i started to tidy-up my make up case a little bit :p 

I tag whoever who read this and leave your URL post in the comment, Have fun girls! ^^

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Giveaway post!!

Hello girls~~ sorry i'm not posting as much as before... T3T

By the way, any way, any how~~~ i'm going to tell you girls about awesome giveaways that i'm joining right now~ (you'll know why i said this is 'awesome'!) This will be my first giveaway from blogging :3 (so, fingers crossed!!)

1. Lala's wonderland give away

First will be a giveaway from lala's wonderland blog. The owner, +Ade Kumala Putri aka. Lala have her birthday coming up so she made this giveaway, to celebrate her birthday~ ^^ *Happy birthday lala!!~~*

By the way, you guys should check her blog! Her blog mostly about korean beauty but there are also some other brands and she also like to cook, so you guys can found some korean food's recipe in her blog! I do tried some of her recipe and it was a hit!! :D

The giveaway prize will be etude's magic any cushion!!~~ This is etude's new base makeup, etude's base make up never disappointed me before i really want to try it!! This magic any cushion basically is etude's choux cream base transformed into any cushion form, amazing~~ I really want to try the mint one!! ^^

Once again, happy birthday Lala, and pick me!!~~ XDD

2. Jennyfer michiyo give away

This give away from jennyfer michiyo blog is really made me excited!!! +Jennyfer Michiyo held this give away to celebrate her blog that already had 105 followers! (congrats jennyfer! XD I hope i'll have more followers like her! :DD)

Her blog also had nice posts! she had nice tutorials and food reviews~~ definitely check her blog when you go blog walking~ :3

Anddddd, here comes the awesome part~~~ Her give away prizes are....... *drumroll* Pasjel yellow and purple from Pasjel Indonesia, Kiss skincare from Kiss Indonesia, anddd Urban Decay naked palette 3 from Jennyfer!!!!

A Freaking Naked palette!!!! kyaaaaa~~~ XDDD Seriously guys, when i saw the Naked palette is in the prize list i literally freaked out and i'm not a type a girl who go 'kyaa! kyaa!' (that's how much i want this!!)

I'd like to win the Naked palette 3, because i don't have a decent eyeshadow palette (seriously T__T)
My first and only eyeshadow palette is etude's sweet recipe chocolate eyes. Well, because of my super tiny eyes i really scared when it comes to eye makeup. This neutral-matte shades from etude's chocolate eyes look great for me (especially for a beginner) and after quite awhile i experiment in make up, i know that i need a good palette to start practicing eye make up. This Naked palette from UD is always on top of my wish list! i always want this since they first came out and now, they're already launched the 3rd Naked but still i never got one T____T The price is wayyyyy to much from my budget so... T3T
so, winning this will be like dream come true for me!!

so, that's it girls~~ I really hope i could win this particular give away!! Wish me luck!! :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf freshlight in sweet apricot

Hello girls ^^/~~~
I'm back with a review post! Today i'll be reviewing my current favorite hair dye, Schwarzkopf Freshlight! :3

This is actually a late post because i already dyed my hair last month. I just have time to review them now (sorry! ><'')
i've been quite busy lately because of my assignments T-T

Well, let's just begin, shall we? ^^

I got mine in Sweet Apricot, because i want a chocolate with orange undertone colour :)

the side view 

top view

 on the back of the box, there's a colour chart so you can see what the colour will be

This is the instruction in bahasa. (i'm sorry the photo is rotated T_T)

This is what in the box:
1. The colouring 
2. Developer
3. Aftercolour treatment
and a nozzle, instruction, and glove

The instruction is in english and thailand language, so don't worry ^^

the close up of the nozzle

I really like the packaging! That doll is really cute and i like the fact that the packaging using dolls instead of regular women. It's cuter this way~ >< and i must admit, i'm tried this because that cute little doll got me! ;DD

The colour chart on the back is really helpful! If you don't understand, the colour chart give you idea of how the colour is gonna be on your hair. From the top is for dark hair, middle one is for quite light hair and the last one is for light hair.

How to use
This hair dye is easy to use! :D all you need to do is mix 1 and 2 together, shake well, and they're ready to use! Spread that mixture all over your hair. And here's come the downside, the amount of the hair dye is really little! it barely cover all of my hair T_T (and, my hair is not that long!) so, if you have medium to long hair, i suggest you to take 2 of them for once application. :)

After you cover your hair with the hair dye, let it sit for 30 minutes. DON'T pass more than 30 minutes!! Hair dyes in general have harsh chemicals in it and the last thing we want is having chemical reaction on our scalp!

Rinse and use your regular shampoo and use the aftercolour treatment (number 3) as a conditioner.
I really like the treatment! Really soothing my hair after harsh colouring chemicals and made my hair really soft! ~~ i'm quite sceptical about this at first because i've tried a hair dye from L'oreal before and that conditioner has no effect whatsoever to my hair -____- (and L'oreal's hair dye made my hair really coarse!! :((( )
 Let it dry naturally, because i'm afraid the heat of a hairdryer may damage your hair especially after colouring process. And, voila! new hair! ;DD

The scent has a really strong chemical scent in it! :( i don't know what chemical it is, but you really can smell it. Fortunately, i'm not sensitive to scents so i can try to bear with it. But, for you who does, i don't think you can stand this smell :((

Love all the colour from this series! they're really beautiful and had many shades! But, in Indonesia, the colours are not complete and only a couple of them :( But, still cute tho! :p

Here are pictures of my 'before' hair :D (excuse for my messy hair! XD)

I do dyed them with the same colour once, but you can see the colour already dull and all of my roots showing off

the back side


My roots~

And, here's 'after' pictures~~ (again, excuse my messy hair! XD)

Back side

Yeayy, no more awkward roots~~

In the conclusion, i really the way this hair dye works! This is my go-to hair dye, whenever i want to colour my hair!
 I was using the L'oreal one before and i hate it. Made my hair coarse, the colour pay-off wasn't that good and for awhile i really stay clear from any hair dye, but i decided to give this one a try and i'm not regret that decision one bit! XDD

Definitely check this one out!

Love :
+ Cute packaging!!
+ That colour chart! Really helpful ^^
+ Great colour and i really like the colour came out exactly like in the colour chart :D
+ So many shades to choose (but not in Indonesia :( )
+ The after colour treatment works really well!!
+ Easy to use

Not love :
- Strong chemical scent
- Super little amount, barely cover my medium-length hair :(

And that's it! XD i know, may be some of you never dyed your hair before or just not found your HG colouring yet, finding the one for you is quite hard. Well, i say, definitely give this one a try! ;)
Especially, for people that afraid that your hair will become coarse after colouring them

Repurchase? Of course, for next, may be i'll try the champagne pink!~~

Good luck and have fun! XOXO :3

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

35 beauty tricks that a girl should know!

Hi, guys~~ I'm back with a tips post~~
Today's post is about beauty tricks!! I tried to find tricks that not mainstream!
This will be quite a long post, so grab your snack, sit back, and enjoy! ;DD

1. Long lasting blush

Tired of blush that melts down by midday? Try layering different formulas of blush! Use cream blush over your foundation and lightly dust powder blush over it. And enjoy your glowing look that lasts all day! ;)

2. Customize your own mascara

I know how hard it can be to get a perfect mascara! Mascara is totally our frenemies. So, to get that perfect mascara that you need, layer your mascara with 2 different functions of mascara instead of 1. For example, if you want a volumizing and curling mascara, but never found mascara that has that 2 functions, use volumizing mascara and layer with another mascara that had curling formula. Enjoy the benefits of both mascara!

3. Smudge that eyeline!!

Lining your eyes is kinda tricky. Lining your eyes with thick black liner can make you look older than you actually are. (and make you look like rockstar wanna-be or gothic girl! XD) so, try lining close your lash line and smudge the line for more subtle and natural look. Or, for a school appropriate look, use brown eyeliner.

4. Prime your lid

This extra step can change your life! (seriously!) Retouching eyeliner or eyeshadow can be troublesome and take times. Primer can make your eye makeup stays all day and make the colour more bright.

5. Blot your foundation

Cream and liquid foundation tends to had a lot of excess oil and make you look put too much make up than you actually are. After you put on your foundation, wait a few minutes and blot your face with a facial tissue. This step will remove the excess oil and liquid, make your foundation last longer and no more greasy make up!!

6. Use eye cream

Prep your eye area with eye cream can make your concealer apply smoother. This eye cream will makes your eye moisturized and prevent your concealer from creasing. Wait the eye cream to sink in before you put your usual make up. (this step really do wonder for me!)

7. Triangle on your face

Instead of traditional way of using concealer (half moon shape on your dark circles), try to put it on with triangle shape under your eyes! Blend it up to your lower lash line, inner corner of your eyes, and the triangle shape. This way, you conceal your dark circles, brighten your eyes, and highlighting your cheeks area in one step!

8. Reduce puffy eyes

Use raw, peeled potato, cutted in half and put it over your eyes for 10 minutes. The potato will cooling down your eyes and decreasing the puffiness. Cucumber will works as well!

9. Reduce cellulites

Notice cellulites start building up? Try using coffee grounds as body scrub! the caffeine will stimulate the skin cells and get rid of your dead skin.

10. Mayo for your hair

Did you know mayonnaise not only delicious to eat but also nutritious for your hair? Mask your hair with mayo for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water, and enjoy your healthy, smooth, conditioned hair! Just remember not to lick it while it stays on your hair! :p

11. The nightmare of glitter polish

Glitter nail pretty but annoying when it comes to kick them off your nails!! Try soaking cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nails, and wrap them with tin foils. Let them sit for 5 minutes and the polish will be gone with no traces!! Or even better, use peel-off base!

12. Rush that mani!

Tired of manicure that lasts for 1 minute? (oh, you know what i'm talking about! :p) Dip your nails in cold water after you paint them, wait for 3 minutes and your manicure will came out dry!!

13. Eye cream for cuticles

Got annoying cuticles but your favourite hand cream just ran out? use eye cream instead, this will work as amazing!

14. Blush naturally

Allow 2 fingers from your nose tip to your apple cheeks to start your blush. Blend it out to your temples for natural blush.

15. Balance your sparkles

If you going to rock out shimmering eye look, balance it out with matte lips. Not only it will brings balance to your look, this will also brings attention to your eyes, make them look brighter.

16. Sparks that lips!

Use shimmering lipgloss to the center of your lips instead of regular clear lipgloss. This will catch light to your lips, making them look pouty and kissable!

17. (fake) Crystal clear skin

Notice a pimple before your big day? Apply tea tree oil as soon you spot it and also before you makeup and use cleanser with salycilic acid.

18. Choosing red lipstick

Red lipstick is a gorgeous classic shade that never wears-off. Choosing a shade that matches your skin undertone. If you have warm undertone, find a shade with orange undertones. If you have cool undertones, a red shades with blue undertones will be amazing. 

19. Wear that red (lipstick)

If you afraid of that strong colour, Put it on and blot it off with facial tissue. This way, the red will appear more subtle and leave just a right amount of stain on your lips. Or try put it on your inner lips, the red will appear as soft rosy look and add dimension to your lips.

20. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating is a must for clearer skin. Just limit yourself to 2-3 times a week. For those with dry skin, i suggest to exfoliate once a week with a peeling gel.

21. SPF for lips

Find a chapstick or lipbalm that contain SPF. Sun rays also can burn your lips, make them lose its natural rosiness and turn them to black or darker.

22. Benefits of red lipstick

A right red lipstick will makes your complexion appears brighter, and light up your eyes, hair and your skin. As the wrong one, will makes you look like a old people.

23. Splurge your favourite item

Splurge on an item that important to you. If you love lip products, buy that YSL or Mac lipsticks that you desire. But remember to save on other beauty items.

24. Stop the smudge

If you tired of smudging pencil eyeliner and makes you look like a panda, apply matching shade of eyeshadow over your eyeliner. the eyeshadow will set the creaminess of your pencil eyeliner and prevent it from smudging.

25. Remove make up with lotion

Ran out your make up remover but didn't have time to buy a new one? Use your regular lotion instead! Not only it works wonder for waterproof mascara, you also removing your make up and moisturize in one simple step!

26. Customize your shade

Instead of buy all the lipstick's shades that exist on earth, try to customize one for yourself! try to mix your existing lipstick and you'll be surprise of how much shades that you can combine!

27. Nudy lips

Nude lips is beautiful and rock any make up look. Don't need to buy new lipstick just for this look! simply put foundation over your lips and finish it off with clear lipgloss. You'll have a beautiful natural shade of nude with money stays in your pocket.

28. Lip gloss on your cheeks

Use lipgloss as blusher can make your cheeks look natural and moisturized. Tinted lipbalm will works as well.

29. Lip gloss on your eyes

Finish your eye make up with clear lipgloss. This will makes your eyes looks moist and enchance the colours of your eyeshadow. Plus, this will draw attention to your eyes, make them look brighter.

30. Apply concealer after your foundation

I know, we're told that concealer should be under your foundation. But putting it on after your foundation will gives you more coverage and no more too much concealer! This way, you can save your favorite concealer and get the best of it. Remember to set it up with powder to prevent them from sliding off.

31. Photo-friendly make up

NEVER ever put a SPF product on your face if you're in photoshot (well, unless your photoshot is for halloween) SPF products will leave a white cast on your face, makes you look like someone just throw an ounce of powder to your face.

32. Photo-friendly make up II

Dimension is important when it comes to photo. Foundation can makes your face look flat. Highlighting not only will brings glow to your face but also will add dimension. Use a powder highlighter for photoshoot. Liquid highlighter will be too moist and makes your face look greasy in your photos.

33. Highlight!

Highlighting your inner corner of your eyes can make them look brighter. Use shimmering eyeshadow or tear liner. But if sparkling eyes look too much for everyday look, try to highlight them with concealer, this will create more natural highlight.

34. Before D-day

Never tweeze, shave or cut your hair a day before the D-day!! If something go wrong, you'll end up regretting it for the rest of your life! (OK, may be not for entire life, but you'll regret it anyway :p) If you want a new look for that big day, do that 3 weeks before will give you time to adjust it and fix it if something happen. 

35. SMILE!

Remember an ultimate beauty trick a girl can pull-off is smile!!
Phewww~ that's quite a lot, huh?? So, did you found a trick for your beauty problems? ;D Tell me your ultimate beauty trick in the comment!! 
Good luck and have fun! XOXO :3

Thursday, March 6, 2014

February haul~~

Hello, girls ;)~~
This post is going to be my first haul post~~ soo excited doing this post! XD I’m quite happy because I can fulfill a few things in my wishlist but the list is keep increasing tho :’))

So, let’s start, shall we? ;D

This is all my haul~~ most of them are lip product! XD what can I say, I love lip products and a girl never had too much lipstick right? ;DD

Innisfree bija anti-trouble skin

I bought this because my current toner is running up and my skin is broke up a little bit. I think its because of a product that I testing now, so…. :’) and I read many of great reviews about this :3

It’s skin power 10 formula (PO effector)

I’m sure some of you already heard this serum, because of all the hype between bloggers and in the Korea this is one of top seller serum. Well, I already used this for 3 weeks now and I don’t see any improvement with my skin. On top of that, this is the product that I talked about earlier :( not sure yet, but I will give an update and full review about this serum

Etude house Silk scarf moist hair mist

I bought this because my hair is quite dry. I don’t know why exactly, I do dyed my hair but I also do treatment to my hair. After treatment, my hair will become soft and shiny but that effects only last for 2-3 days -_______- Haven’t try this yet but I hope this can help my hair dryness. And btw, this smells awesome!

The face shop lovely meex cushion blusher (coral)

I don’t have any natural everyday blusher until I bought this. Crazy, I know! XD the only blusher that I had before this, is a pink blusher that has big sparkles in it and the orange blusher that I reviewed here. Before, I use the pink one for everyday look and I realize it was too much for day look XD this coral blusher has natural coral color and gives me beautiful blush on my face :3 this blusher has sparkle in it but the sparkle is very small so it’s very tolerable and in fact gives me just enough healthy glow. ;)

It’s skin babyface petit blusher (lavender)

The same reason as I bought the TFS cushion blusher XD and I watched in ‘get it beauty‘ show in the baby face make-up episode and the MUA said that lavender color will gives you beautiful baby-like glow ;D I don’t know why I want a baby-like face but I just found this color is super cute! ;p

Laneige water sleeping pack_EX

The legendary sleeping pack! Super curious about this and I must to try it!! I bought this in sample size because the full price one is quite pricey. I don’t want to spend that much money to a product that I still not sure will work for me or not :p Still need to see more to give my opinion about this!

The face shop face it radiance dual concealer (NB17)

I bought this concealer because I still looking for the one that suits me best. My current concealer is quite okay but can cakey sometime. Besides that, this concealer won 1st place in ‘get it beauty’ blind test, so high expectation for this one! ;)

Aritaum wanna be cushion tint (mini & serene)

This is my second purchase for this tint! Full review here :DD

The face shop freshian big mascara (curling)

Got this for free from the dual concealer purchase! XD Haven’t tried it yet~~but the packaging is so professional looking!

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain (15 cherish devotion)

Very excited to get my hands on this stain!! XDD Many bloggers fell in love with this beautiful stain and now I know why! XD this tint smells like peppermint :) Full review coming up!! :D

Etude house rosy tint lips (#8 after blossom)

This is the third shade that I bought from this line (yes, this is that good! XD) Going to make review about this with all three shades that I had~~

7 pack Brushes

When I took photos for this brushes, I just realized that there’s a mac logo on this. ._. Don’t be fooled! This is only cheap brushes that I got to practice my makeup! Even though this is a cheap one, I quiet surprise by the quality and the softness of this brushes.

And, that’s it guys!!! XD Had so fun doing this post!~~ (Btw, i'm sorry for the poor quality of my photos :( my usual camera wasn't with me that time, so i had to use my smartphone to do all the photos :(( )
Which one should I review first? Comment below!! :DDD

Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: aritaum wannabe cushion tint

Hello, girls! ;) How are you??
I'm back with a review post! :D well, actually, i'm quite busy with all my assignments lately but i decided to have a little break and write this post -3-

So! I really excited to write a review about this beautiful and genius lip product!
Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint!

 Yes! a tint with a cushion! cute, isn't it? ><~~
At first, i only bought 1 shade and 1 lip concealer (having really hard time to pick that 1 shade! XD) and i absolutely fell in love with the colour, the formula, the concept, Just another holy grail for me!
This tint is a must-have for gradation lip look!

Different motives for each shade!!

The cushion~~

The packaging is the most unique packaging so far! The packaging is many kinds of motives and some of them had a little bit tribal feeling to them. It has 21 shades and each shade has different motive! How creative the packaging designer is!! Loveeee itt!!

The end of the cap had the same colour with its tint, so, you'll never get confused to get it from your make-up box (you know, in case you bought a lot of them! XD)

The only downside is the amount of this tint is so tiny! :(( I love them so much and i end up only wore them couple of times because i don't want to finish them up so soon :( this is such a shame since the price is quite expensive.

this is all of the tint

As i said before, this tint has a built-in cushion~~ the cushion is to help you make a gradation look
so, first you just swipe the tint on your lips and blend the colour to make gradation with the cushion~~ super-super easy! i can make a gradation lip look even when i'm in hurry! :D

This tint not only had unique packaging and gorgeous colours but it also had a really sweet scent! a candy scent. So sweet, even i always want to lick it :p

One of the plus sides of this tint is the amazing amount of shades!! from natural to bold, nude to dark, red to orange, i'm sure you'll find the shade you looking for! And all of the shades are soooo prettyyyy!! i had really difficult time to pick the shade! XD

mine is nikita, claire (lip concealer), serene, and mini :3

The pigmentation quite good. Both of the bold and natural colours have amazing pigmentation!!

The texture is super creamy and blendable. This tint not drying up my lips nor moisturizing it either. The only thing i don't like is when i want to apply it full on my lips, the tint is settle in my lip fine lines, leaving patches which is not good :\

Settle in fine lines :\ (this is 'Mini')

This tint have a matte finish :3


My bare lips

1. Serene, 2. Nikita, 3. Claire, 4. Mini

Claire (lip concealer)

I still in on my way to find a holy grail concealer for my lip (i love gradation lip look!) so far, i'm only using bb cream or regular concealer to conceal my lips but they're too drying! :( and i must say, this one is had everything i need to be my HG lip concealer. But the thing is, because it so tiny, i cann't use it everyday! :(


Nikita is a red colour with orange undertone. Just a beautiful colour! Nikita is my favourite amongst the three shades i had~~


Looking at the promotional pictures, i thought serene would be a softer version of nikita, but, turns out, it's a orange coral colour :\ It's a big difference
fortunately, i was looking for a nude shade so okay for me, but i'm quite disappointed of the big difference tho -___-


Mini is a beautiful electric pink! love it! use it full lips and you get bold almost-neon pink colour but apply it only at inner lips and you get super pretty pink!

Love :
+ Wide range of shades, and they're beautiful ;D
+ Super pigmented!!
+ Unique packaging
+ Not drying my lips!
+ Had cushion to create beautiful gradation lip look
+ Creamy texture
+ Super sweet scents~~ <3

Not Love :
- Settle to fine lines
- Tiny amount of tint ><
- Pricey (for that amount of tint!)

Despite of all the weaknesses, this tint still make me love them!! <3 This tint make me can make gradation lip in a minute! If you a newbie in make-up world, ulzzang, or just a fan of gradation lip like me, definitely give this tint a try! ^^

Repurchase? Of course! Curious with Jean and Sugar~~ ;)