Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Etude house - cream choux blusher

Hello, girls! ;)

Today i'm going to reviewing a blusher from a korean brand that i'm sure you're all already know, Etude house! <3 
I love etude house, (Korean brand in general actually, :p) i mean, come on; cheap, good quality and cute packaging? Who would never fell in love with that?~~ ><

This cream blusher is from the miss tangerine collection. I got this for free from etude's opening store event. I was looking for an orange blusher at that time and when i found this in my goodie bag i was so excited!! it's like fate! (OK, that's a bit exaggerating, hahahaha)

It comes in 4 shades; #1 miss tangerine, #2 miss peach, #3 miss berry, #4 miss grape
I got my blusher in #1 miss tangerine

It comes in a squeeze tube packaging, kinda remind me with a lipgloss or lipbalm packaging. o.0
squeeze the tube to get the blusher out~~

Half blended~~

Fully blended~~

The colour is crazy pigmented!! Seriously! It has a nice bright orange colour and complemented yellow and fair skin tone really well! Make sure to blend it really well or you'll end up looking like someone put orange paint on your face, LOL. Just a little really goes a long way since its super pigmented. 

For the scent, it has no scent whatsoever, so i think this is good news for anyone that sensitive with scents ;)

The texture is super creamy, but quiet easy to blend. I usually only use powder blush because of my oily skin but this blusher doesn't really make my face oily or moisturising either o.0 I think you can use this as eyeshadow for point make-up ;)

+ Cheap 
+ Nice pigmentation! in fact, the greatest pigmentation for blusher i found so far! ;)
+ The colour suits my skintone and asian's skintone really well
+ The colour is so unique and can be use as point make-up
+  a little really goes a long way
+ Quiet long lasting, it lasts 4-5 hours for me
+ Hygiene packaging ;)

Not Love:
- Must be blend really well
- it doen't make my face oily or moisturising
- a darker skintone may think this colour kinda hard to pull-off

Overall, i really like this blusher and highly recommend them to you all! ;)
Repurchase? Definitely <3

All of your comments, advices, critics definitely appreciated! ;D 
Share with me what you think and your current favourite blusher!


  1. ooh, ive never seen or heard of this product before!
    i'm definitely not a blush type of girl but the color of this one seriously makes me reconsider as to why i'm not...

    thanks for the review :)

  2. At first, I thought this was lip gloss because of the packaging, haha.

    My current favorite blusher is Down Boy by theBalm!

    1. Hahahahaha, me too!! i was confused why a lip gloss has so bright color until i read the 'cream choux blusher' XD

      i really want to try theBalm blusher too! Really curious with Frat Boy!

  3. Wooo baru tahu ada produk ini :D
    Nice review dear. Thanks udah main keblogku and welcome to blogging ^0^
    Keep writing dear :)


    1. Iya bagus banget ci buat summer :D

      Makacih ci luci~~ ;*

  4. waaaah, aku baru tau ada blusher etude yg kayak gini *_* pengen cobaaa


    1. Iya emank unik nih ni blusher XD masukkin ke wishlist! ~~

      Makasih udah mampir ;DD

  5. Wow!! I should buy this one.. Thx Tif!

    1. Yeah! this blusher definitely worth a try ;DD

      thanks for visiting too! ^^