Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: It's Skin Power 10 Formula PO Effector

Hi, guys! ^^

Today i want to share with you my experience using the famous serum from It's Skin, the Power 10 Formula PO Effector
The Power 10 Formula serum had many types of serum and this one is PO effector that promised can shrinking pores appearance.

This serum is already became everybody's HG serum and also every women in korea have been using this serum! Now, is this serum really live up its reputation? let's find out! ;p

the front side

the back side


This serum has very simple and clinical packaging. It has a rubber dropper and clear cap. The packaging is made of glass. Kinda remind me of vitamin bottle for babies :p I really like the clear cap and the simplicity of the packaging, It looks like an official doctor's serum (you know what i mean ;) ) And the rubber dropper works perfectly and make me easier to get a perfect amount of product :)

This product has 30ml of product and lasts for about 3 months. I use about one big drop for my whole face. I got this for $12 per bottle and i think it's quite cheap for a serum :)

the rubber dropper


The texture is quite watery and very lightweight, not oily at all. It really moisturizing and didn't make the oily part of my face any worse :) This serum also very fast absorbed to face, sometimes on lazy days i only put my toner and this serum! ;)


I believe every type of this serum has different scents. This one had a very calming flowery scent. Really love the scent! But the thing is, the smell doesn't stay long, after i put it on my face the smell will be gone :(


Now, let's talk the main part! Does it work?
Well, at the first month of usage, this serum does nothing to my face. I'm a type of person that hope fast result so when this doesn't show any changes of my pores, i was like 'Bummer!' especially, after heard its reputation. But, because i don't want to throw quite full serum, i keep using it. And after 3 months, i see my pores getting smaller! IT WORK! i'm used this serum every night and now i'm quite happy with my pores! all you need is patient!

+ Flowery scent
+ Affordable
+ Actually shrinking my pores
+ Moisturizing
+ Lightweight
+ Fast absorbed
+ The packaging looks clinical and expensive

- Need to buy them online
- Very slow result
- The packaging made of glass, made it quite heavy and afraid of breaking it :(

Repurchase? Yes, but i still have another serum waited to be tested so maybe after that ;)

Note: This product may or may not work to anyone else. Every skin is different and to really know whether a product works on you or not is to try it ;)

What do you think of this product? ;) 
Have you tried this?
Share with me your opinion on the comment! ;)


  1. The packaging looks like a little milk bottle teehee! ^ 3 ^
    I would like to try the WH version of this sometime~ ^ ___ ^

    1. Yeah! hahaha looks like baby's bottle ;p

      you should try it, need to wait for the result but the wait is worth it :)

  2. i have this serum as well and i kinda love it although the effect is quite late to appear on my skin. maybe i need to apply it very religiously then only i can see whether it works or not. i have another 3 variants as well. the light green, yellow and white bottle. nice review babe, love how your blog looks ^_^

    Mieza Everdeen's Blog

    1. Yeah! the result is really slow

      aww, thanks! ^^

  3. Great review. Kindly, I need to read a more specific details about this line if serums. For example , is it natural ? Does it contain synthetic fragrence and alcohols? And the full ingredient list. All I am finding on the internet is in korean and I can't seem to find the full ingredient list ! :(

  4. Please, read the ingredients list before reviewing this: it contains large amounts of alcohol (it feels refreshing at first) which is terrible for skin as well as other ingredients that do nothing to skin and a lot of fragance (more fragance than the so called houttunya cordata extract actually). This can cause severe breakouts and if is bad quality for sure.

  5. Can I use PO effector and VC effector at the same time?