Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beauty 101: Mascara's wands

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful"
- Norman Vincent Peale

That quote really fits with this article. But in this case, Christmas is us and the magic wand is mascara's wand to make our lashes softer and more beautiful ;p

There're so many types of mascara's wand and believe it or not, each mascara's wand brings HUGE different result. Now, let's find out what type of wand do our lashes really need and did you use the right type? ;)

Straight brush shape

I think this is the most common wand mascara shape out there. Almost every mascara had this type of wand. This wand very easy to use because you can use them the way you like to get the mascara on every lash. A thick straight brush with lots of bristles are great for people with bigger eyes and lots of eyelashes. As people with smaller eyes can try a thinner straight wand with more less bristles. The smaller the bristles the more control you have.
This straight wands give natural volume and length to our lashes and perfect for daily use.

Curved brush shape

As its name, this type of wand has curved shape, to make easier application and to get the product to every single lashes in one swipe. This curved shape is really good if you want curly lashes and extra lift. This shape is my favourite shape as my lashes are straight down and typical asian had this kind of lashes.
When you use it, make sure the curved side facing upwards so your lashes fit perfectly the wand. This will give maximum curling effect.

Heart brush shape

Heart brush shape or some sources also called it tapered brush is more like the same with straight brush but only it taper off to pointy tip. This will give more precision result and great for tiny lashes. With this brush shape, you can coat those tiny lashes at the corner of your lashes or bottom lashes.
This brush will give you more precise and polished look of lashes perfection!

Round brush shape

This unique mascara brush is relatively new to make-up industry. This shape is allow you to reach every single lash. Coating and defining every lash is super easy with this wand. But, the size of this brush, maybe it will take more time to coat your lashes. But, Hey, perfection needs time, right? ;)

Comb-like brush shape

This comb brush looks exactly like a comb for your lashes, only they're super tiny. Comb brush usually made from plastic or rubber. This type of brush is really great for those want more length and defined lashes. However, because the space between each bristles, this brush doesn't give much volume. This brush great if you already had naturally thick lashes but want more extra length. But on the bright side, no more clumping with this brush!

There you have it! Are you mastered mascara's wand yet? ;)
This article only covered basic shape of mascara's wand. With the make-up industry that keep growing and evolving, i'm sure there're will be unique wand coming up!

Share in the comment what your favourite mascara's wand? ;))


  1. Nice post... Really helpfull ^^

    Thank u ^^

  2. Heya Tiffani :)

    my fave brush would definitely have to be the skinny straight wand! plus i'm more of a bristle type of gal than rubber!

    1. Me too! hahaha

      thanks for stopping by,cath! ^^

  3. Eh, lucu mascara wandnya, udah ada di Indo belum ya semuanya?

  4. aku terbiasa pakai curved/ straight brush shape, tapi sepertinya aku tertarik mencoba round brush shape hihi. kira2 merk apa ya yang bagus untuk round brush shape?
    ngomong2 aku udah follow km, boleh minta follbacknya? :)

    1. Rata2 merk high end udah ngeluarin mascara pake round brush, tp karena harganya selangit aku saranin nyobain yg holika holika magic pole mascara, katanya oke ^^

      sip, thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. My favorite is the curved shaped as well! Thanks for sharing this detailed info :)


  6. Thank you! Now I know what mascara wand to look for :D

  7. Haiii,, Bagus banget artikelnya... Jujur aja aku juga banyak yg baru tau setelah baca ini! Good post!