Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint *Birthday Edition*

Back with another review post! ^^~

This time i'll review Etude's old product but new limited shade, the shade is PP501 Cherry Lavender. Etude released this shade together with OR202 Cherry Coral to celebrate their 5th anniversary~

This shade is super-freaking-pretty and i just knew that i need to get my hands on this when i saw the ad! XD

all of the pretty colours <3


top side

I really like this pretty birthday graphic! Super cute!

front side

the side

back side

As usual, Etude never fails to create another super cute princessy packaging. Really, nothing i can say anymore <3 
The only thing that i'm not really like is the confetti graphic makes it quite hard to read the informations of this tint

The tint itself also very cute even though its much simpler than the box. But the shape of this tint really feminine and cute. The long white cap also makes it easier to handle.


The applicator just standard tint applicator. The size is quite tiny so really easy to use.


I really love the scent of this tint! <3 the scent is sweet and even tastes like candy~ But once you put it on your lips, the scent will disappear :)


The texture is quite runny and the finish itself is a little glossy. This tint is claims to be moisturizing but i find that this tint not moisturizing my lips at all. But not drying my lips either, so i got that going which is nice ;pp

Lasting Power

The lasting power is actually pretty good. It lasts 5 to 6 hours for me (with talking, eating, drinking, and stuff) after that, the colour will not as fresh as the first time i applied but its still there.


swatch on my hand

bare lips

applied on my lips

On my hand, the colour looks very pretty purple! <3 the purple is very girly and more like lavender purple so its easier to pull off. But, i kinda disappointed because on my lips, the colour looks like pink with a hint of purple rather a beautiful pigmented lavender colour (like the ad). However, i read a couple blogger's reviews, the purple looks pretty on their lips T_T 
I think its because my lips is quite pigmented...

+ cheap
+ the sweet scent and taste <3
+ super duper cute packaging
+ not drying
+ pretty colour
+ glossy finish
+ quite long lasting

- the colour on my lips not what i expected
- not moisturizing
- must buy them online

Recommend? Yes! the colour is really pretty and definitely will takes forever to finish this ;)
very suitable for daily use

Share with me what your currently fav tint in the comment! ^^

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beauty 101: Mascara's wands

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful"
- Norman Vincent Peale

That quote really fits with this article. But in this case, Christmas is us and the magic wand is mascara's wand to make our lashes softer and more beautiful ;p

There're so many types of mascara's wand and believe it or not, each mascara's wand brings HUGE different result. Now, let's find out what type of wand do our lashes really need and did you use the right type? ;)

Straight brush shape

I think this is the most common wand mascara shape out there. Almost every mascara had this type of wand. This wand very easy to use because you can use them the way you like to get the mascara on every lash. A thick straight brush with lots of bristles are great for people with bigger eyes and lots of eyelashes. As people with smaller eyes can try a thinner straight wand with more less bristles. The smaller the bristles the more control you have.
This straight wands give natural volume and length to our lashes and perfect for daily use.

Curved brush shape

As its name, this type of wand has curved shape, to make easier application and to get the product to every single lashes in one swipe. This curved shape is really good if you want curly lashes and extra lift. This shape is my favourite shape as my lashes are straight down and typical asian had this kind of lashes.
When you use it, make sure the curved side facing upwards so your lashes fit perfectly the wand. This will give maximum curling effect.

Heart brush shape

Heart brush shape or some sources also called it tapered brush is more like the same with straight brush but only it taper off to pointy tip. This will give more precision result and great for tiny lashes. With this brush shape, you can coat those tiny lashes at the corner of your lashes or bottom lashes.
This brush will give you more precise and polished look of lashes perfection!

Round brush shape

This unique mascara brush is relatively new to make-up industry. This shape is allow you to reach every single lash. Coating and defining every lash is super easy with this wand. But, the size of this brush, maybe it will take more time to coat your lashes. But, Hey, perfection needs time, right? ;)

Comb-like brush shape

This comb brush looks exactly like a comb for your lashes, only they're super tiny. Comb brush usually made from plastic or rubber. This type of brush is really great for those want more length and defined lashes. However, because the space between each bristles, this brush doesn't give much volume. This brush great if you already had naturally thick lashes but want more extra length. But on the bright side, no more clumping with this brush!

There you have it! Are you mastered mascara's wand yet? ;)
This article only covered basic shape of mascara's wand. With the make-up industry that keep growing and evolving, i'm sure there're will be unique wand coming up!

Share in the comment what your favourite mascara's wand? ;))

Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: It's Skin Power 10 Formula PO Effector

Hi, guys! ^^

Today i want to share with you my experience using the famous serum from It's Skin, the Power 10 Formula PO Effector
The Power 10 Formula serum had many types of serum and this one is PO effector that promised can shrinking pores appearance.

This serum is already became everybody's HG serum and also every women in korea have been using this serum! Now, is this serum really live up its reputation? let's find out! ;p

the front side

the back side


This serum has very simple and clinical packaging. It has a rubber dropper and clear cap. The packaging is made of glass. Kinda remind me of vitamin bottle for babies :p I really like the clear cap and the simplicity of the packaging, It looks like an official doctor's serum (you know what i mean ;) ) And the rubber dropper works perfectly and make me easier to get a perfect amount of product :)

This product has 30ml of product and lasts for about 3 months. I use about one big drop for my whole face. I got this for $12 per bottle and i think it's quite cheap for a serum :)

the rubber dropper


The texture is quite watery and very lightweight, not oily at all. It really moisturizing and didn't make the oily part of my face any worse :) This serum also very fast absorbed to face, sometimes on lazy days i only put my toner and this serum! ;)


I believe every type of this serum has different scents. This one had a very calming flowery scent. Really love the scent! But the thing is, the smell doesn't stay long, after i put it on my face the smell will be gone :(


Now, let's talk the main part! Does it work?
Well, at the first month of usage, this serum does nothing to my face. I'm a type of person that hope fast result so when this doesn't show any changes of my pores, i was like 'Bummer!' especially, after heard its reputation. But, because i don't want to throw quite full serum, i keep using it. And after 3 months, i see my pores getting smaller! IT WORK! i'm used this serum every night and now i'm quite happy with my pores! all you need is patient!

+ Flowery scent
+ Affordable
+ Actually shrinking my pores
+ Moisturizing
+ Lightweight
+ Fast absorbed
+ The packaging looks clinical and expensive

- Need to buy them online
- Very slow result
- The packaging made of glass, made it quite heavy and afraid of breaking it :(

Repurchase? Yes, but i still have another serum waited to be tested so maybe after that ;)

Note: This product may or may not work to anyone else. Every skin is different and to really know whether a product works on you or not is to try it ;)

What do you think of this product? ;) 
Have you tried this?
Share with me your opinion on the comment! ;)

Friday, July 18, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge July 2014: 'Playful Summer with The Faceshop'

Hello guys~ :)

This will be my first time to join the IBB Make-Up Challenge, i always want to join but never actually had time and i'm so happy to finally join this month! ^^

For this month MUC, the theme is Playful Summer make-up and sponsored by The Faceshop Indonesia
The winner is going to get Faceshop's product that worth Rp 750.000,-, How cool is that?? XD 
They gonna choose 2 winners. I love faceshop's products so hopefully i can win this one, Wish me luck! :DD

One of the requirements is to follow and like all the faceshop's social accounts, so here it is! :)

Kakao talk, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

So, this is my summer look~~ i called it Cheerful Summer
I added the background using photoshop, and here the pic without the background

When i heard summer, the colours that popped in my head is bright and neon colours, that's why i picked hot pink, yellow and orange for this look
And, looks like, neon is back in trend this summer!

This look for me is really fresh, young and playful! And also i think this look is very wearable for hang-out. 

And to live the atmosphere a little bit more, i done my hair with cute top bun hair style and studded jeans vest. Couldn't more summer than this!

And, here is the details of my make-up:

Since i'm not comfortable using eyeshadow, i decided to use eyeliner to bring colours to my make-up. And, eyeliner is much pigmented in terms of colour. I'm using electric pink eyeliner and i couldn't be more happy with this colour! love it!

and then, instead of black liner, i paired it with brown liner. Because of the yellow for my under-eye and i'm still going to put on more colours on my lips later, i'm afraid that it would be too strong make-up if i use black liner.

Even though, i said that i can't stand eyeshadow but i still using it for the yellow (just because i can't find any yellow eyeliner!). I think the yellow is brighten up the whole eye make-up and made it more beautiful!

also, i added a little bit orange eyeliner under my eye, to give it a little personality and also to bring out the colours more. And to give my eye make-up a little connection with my lips :)

As for the lips, i created orange to pink gradation. Using pink for the outer lips and orange for the inner lips with give you much natural result as this two colours will naturally blended. Also, this way, i want to express more 'playfulness' (is that even a word ;p) than using 1 shade.

And, now, more pics~

I hope you didn't get bored! :pp

Here the products i used:

I'm using this bun wig from etude house, my hair is too short to create hair bun! 

For the face: 
Etude house Bright fit BB cream
The Faceshop Face it duo concealer
Etude house Nymph Aura Volumer #2 (for highlight)
Etude House Aloha V Slim Maker #1 (for shading)
The Faceshop Lovely Me-ex Coral Cushion Blusher

For the eyes:
Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer
Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in pink and orange
Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Liner in brown
NYX Retractable Eye Liner
Etude House Lash Perm 3-step Volumecara

BHCosmetics BH Party Girl Eyeshadow Palette

For the Eyebrows:
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #3
Etude House Color My Brow #2

For the Lips:
 The Faceshop Face it duo concealer
Tony Moly Colorfix Lip Crayon #3
Peripera Peri's Tint Water #4

And, that's it!
What do you think? i hope you all like it and i really hope i can win this one!!
Fingers crossed! ><

Have a happy summer, everyone! ^^