About Me

Hi! :))

My name is Tiffani and i'm a beauty blogger from Indonesia. I lived in Jakarta.
I'm a college student with design communication major.

I'm not a pro MUA, but i love make-up and skincare! Just found this part of me after i graduated from High school :)) I love the way make-up can actually give people first impression and also give a whole new image of us, just by changing the way you apply it :)

The reason i made this blog is because simply i want to give my own opinion, since i've been trying quite a lot products that work for other bloggers but not for me. And, also i think, this is a fun way to interact and meet with new people! 

This blog is going to be dominated by korean beauty products! i love them! i mean; affordable, good quality, and cute packaging? Seriously, who can resist that? xD And also, i love anything vintage and cute (i'm sure you can see that from my blog design! XD)

as from me,
Face the world with smile! (Literally!) and you'll find much happier life! ;)

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